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2021 Summer Arts & Crafts Festival Aug. 5-8

The 59th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival is set for 2021! Rooms will fill up fast, so get your reservations today!
Vendors receive a discount on reservations. Call the hotel and secure your room before it's too late!


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JUNE 26th - AUGUST 8th

A fun filled adventure, telling the story of Indiana. Laugh at the origins of the name Hoosier, enjoy the folk lore tales of Johnny Appleseed and young Abe Lincoln, and celebrate the funny names of the small town festivals and traditions we hold dear. Fun, laughs and nostalgia abound as we take you on a "Hoosier" journey about the amazing way our diverse "Hoosier Quilt" allows the spirit of Indiana to shine as the beautiful 19th star waving proudly on Old Glory.
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AUGUST 21st - OCTOBER 24th

Prepare to go on a journey back in time to childhood stories- just a bit mixed up! Stephen Sondheim's hit Broadway musical interweaves classic tales by the Brother's Grimm in a fun, fast-paced hilarious adventure. From Jack in the beanstalk to Cinderella, to Little Red Riding Hood, every story becomes intertwined with others as they all go" into the woods" to find their wishes! From the time you enter the lobby, you will be immersed in the famous fairy tale woods where you will be able to take pictures with characters and begin your nostalgic adventure through the mixed up, hilarious world of Sondheim's version of fairytales and fun, featuring famous songs like,"Giants In The Sky", "Children Will Listen" "No One Is Alone" and more!
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Told in a classic way and true to the original story by Charles Dickens, our brand new original production, "A Musical Christmas Carol" brings to life the timeless characters of the miserly, bitter and selfish Ebenezer Scrooge, his nephew Fred who seeks to be a light to Scrooge, the ever optimistic and grateful Bob Cratchit, his joyful family and Tiny Tim with his faith and love for everyone, and many more!The streets of London come alive with singing and dancing, and families join together around the fire in the first epic song "When Christmas Eve Arrives". You will come away inspired, joyful, and full of hope with this exciting new musical that seeks to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas and the light of truth and human kindness that is all around us!
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Weddings at The Amish Inn

Whether you're looking for a few rooms or 50...we can help! Group reservation blocks receive up to 15% off our standard rate.

Call for details or drop us an email!